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AMD & Intel CPU's

We custom build our own servers from the highest quality components, selecting the best of every element to produce a reliable web hosting platform for our customers sites.In 2016 we switched from Intel to AMD’s amazing EPYC range of processors, with a minimum of 32 logical cores per server. We’ve been amazed by the blistering performance and I/O throughput of this platform.

Samsung SSD

Reliable storage is vital to the running of high availability computer systems. Samsung Enterprise drives provide our customers with the highest possible quality disk space for their Web Hosting.We use a combination of mechanical and solid state drives in our high performance web servers for high speed, energy efficiency and low failure rates.


Our server chassis and mainboards are manufactured by DELL. We have been using their components exclusively for over nine years due to their outstanding price / performance ratio and extremely high reliability.DELL based servers are also very energy efficient. providing best speed technology.

How We Differ

Many other low cost web hosts maximise their profits by using cheap hardware and components that might be found in home computers rather than servers.We know that availability is important to our customers, so we have built our infrastructure without cutting any corners or compromising on quality. This is reflected in the very low failure rates of our servers.


CloudLinux OS is the leading platform for multitenancy. It improves server stability, density, and security by isolating each tenant and giving them allocated server resources. This creates an environment that feels more like a virtual server than a shared hosting account. By doing so, CloudLinux OS reduces operating costs and churn rates, and increases profitability.


CageFS uniquely encapsulates each customer, preventing users from seeing each other and viewing sensitive information. It prevents a large number of attacks, including most of the privilege escalation attacks.

Hardened PHP

In old PHP versions, including widely used 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4, vulnerabilities, even if discovered, are not patched by the community. HardenedPHP fixes those vulnerabilities and secures old and unsupported versions.


SecureLinks is a kernel-level technology that prevents all known symbolic link attacks. It enhances the security level of the servers even further and prevents malicious users from creating symbolic link files.

PHP Selector

With PHP Selector your customers will have the flexibility to choose any PHP version they need. It also keep PHP updated fast, and makes sites more secure.

Python Selector

Python Selector allows your customers to choose the Python version as an application and install additional modules.

Ruby Selector

The Ruby Selector allows your customers to choose a Ruby version for applications and install additional modules (gems) to the application environment.

Imunify360 is a comprehensive security platform for web-hosting servers. It utilizes highly tailored and integrated components for proactive real-time website protection and web server security. It’s not just antivirus or WAF. Imunify360 combines an Intrusion Prevention and Detection system, a Web Application Firewall, Real-time Antivirus protection, a Network Firewall, and Patch Management components. These elements are seamlessly integrated for flawless interoperability that instantly detects, fixes, and protects from any threats that a web-hosting service may encounter.


Imunify360 is a completely automated security solution. It includes a distributed Threat Intelligence approach, which processes data reported by all running Imunify360 instances. Upon first cyber-attack or threat detection, Imunify360 provides instant protection. Moreover, we empowered it with a Machine Learning algorithm and heuristics running in the Cloud to make it even stronger. Servers under Imunify360 protection gain collective heard immunity because they share threat information in real-time. Our sophisticated detection of known and unknown security threats, including the infamous zero-day and distributed brute-force attacks, delivers robust and comprehensive protection for your server.


Imunify360 analyses scripts in real-time and recognizes dangerous execution flows. This means you no longer need to watch CVE lists to identify current exploits. Imunify360 stops malicious PHP scripts, both new and old, preventing them from running on your servers. Innovative PHP Immunity technology makes any web application invulnerable. Additionally, Imunify360 shares data with WAF and antivirus, giving your servers an added layer of protection.


With Imunify360 protection, you can forget about false alarms and keep your business & website protected when it matters most. Our protection makes Imunify360 a must-have for any business.


JetBackup is a leading backup solution for cPanel. JetBackup allows you to back up your cPanel account quickly and efficiently through cPanel Remote or local incremental backups (as well as other backup schemes). Settings like automation of backups as well as restores on a cron job are also included and wrapped up in a nice user-friendly GUI. JetBackup allows you to create account filters to include/exclude accounts by disk space, resellers, cPanel packages, etc. Combine multiple filters, and save time by applying existing filters to multiple backup jobs..

Multi-scheduling allows creating multiple schedules that can be assigned to the same backup job. Multiple schedules on the same backup jobs will be incremental to reduce space and resources. You can also create a schedule that runs once a specific backup job has been completed.

Jet Backup allows you to set up unique filters to specify exactly which accounts you would like included or excluded in your backup jobs. There are eight different options to choose from and created filters are stored for future backup jobs.

Jet Backup uses its own proprietary encryption algorithm when performing backups. The end users get to choose whether they want their encryption keys stored locally on the server or remotely in their own desired location. The end-user can also opt-in to have their backup data removed once their account is terminated.

You can select any combination of the parts of an account to include in the backup job. Generic or unnecessary files can be excluded from the backup. You can select specific directory paths to include in your backup job. You can also create an hourly database backup job along with normal full daily backups.


LiteSpeed Web Server is compatible with all popular Apache features including its Rewrite Engine and ModSecurity, and can load Apache configuration files directly. As a drop-in replacement, LiteSpeed can fully integrate with control panel written for Apache, including cPanel, DirectAdmin, and more. Replacing Apache with LiteSpeed Web Server takes less than 15 minutes, and incurs zero downtime. Unlike other solutions that act as frontend proxies, LiteSpeed replaces all Apache functions, simplifying use and making the transition to a new server easy for your team. Move confidently forward with little-to-no retraining!


Reliable support for new technologies before anyone else.

Performance & Scalability

LiteSpeed Web Server increases the performance & scalability of web hosting platforms.


LitSpeed Web Server is compatible with Apache’s mod_security feature and has built-in anti-DDoS capability.

Event Driven Architecture

Fewer processes, less overhead, and enormous scalability.

LSCache Engine with ESI

Advanced server-level cache with hole-punching through ESI.

Asynchronous ModSecurity

Processes popular ModSecurity rulesets with maximum efficiency.

Server-Level reCAPTCHA

Defends against Layer-7 DDoS attacks of any size.

A plugin is simply an add-on to software that provides its users with extra functionalities. LSCache plugins give our users the ability to use LSCache with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. All LiteSpeed plugins are offered free of charge. Users with LiteSpeed plugins can quickly and efficiently adjust settings for time to live, image optimization, the correct pages to cache, etc. To sum it up, LSCache plugins give you the control to conveniently adjust it to your needs and speed up your site. LiteSpeed server products all ship with an LSCache engine. This module powers the caching and purging of content through the use of rewrite rules and HTTP headers.

Control Panel

cPanel & WHM®

For over 20 years cPanel have remained the leading hosting automation platform.

cPanel is a popular control dashboard that helps you manage your web hosting server using a human-friendly web-based interface. It’s especially popular with shared hosts, where it’s the de facto solution provided by most affordable hosting providers. Without cPanel, you would need technical knowledge to manage your websites/server. But with cPanel, you’re able to make changes using a graphical interface – no technical knowledge required.

Publish a website

You can choose from the most popular site builders to launch their web presence or you can monitor the resources from your own cPanel.

Create emails & calendars

You have the ability to stay connected with the powerful email and calendar capabilities baked into cPanel & WHM. In cPanel, you can launch new email accounts, create shared calendars and enjoy various levels of spam protection.

Backup, transfer & manage files

Securely backup and transfer all web files from within the cPanel interface or you can use the FTP controls.

Manage domains

You can manage your all domains in cPanel. You can create create aliases, add or remove subdomains, manage DNS zones and direct site visitors around any of your web properties.


You have the power to design custom databases using MySQL Wizard, phpMyAdmin and various other tools.

Web Host Manager, or WHM, is a powerful program that allows administrative access to the back end of cPanel. WHM gives you a lot more control and flexibility when managing either a few very popular and resource intensive sites, or large number of sites. On top of giving you the ability to sell hosting services to other people, WHM also gives you the option to create and manage multiple cPanels.

Migrate new customers

Transfer cPanel accounts from remote servers with no hassle. Migrations are simple - our in-house technical support team will navigate the process for you.

Customize and brand

Invite your customers to use a dashboard that’s perfectly fitted to your brand. Customize styling and notifications to deliver the power of cPanel with the feel of your company.

View, analyze, & diagnose

Understand everything that is going on with your machine with our advanced server monitor tools. View how resources are being utilized and get actionable insights on potential issues happening on your network.

Create cPanel accounts & hosting packages

Launch cPanel user accounts and create custom hosting packages for your customers. Choose the services you want to provide, create pricing tiers, and scale your hosting business.

Secure your system at various levels

Protect your machines and your customers with all of the security tools baked into cPanel & WHM.

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