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3CLOUDS is a professional VPS hosting provider and experienced data center operator. Since 2015 the company has provided private and business clients with high-performance hosting products as well as the necessary infrastructure for the efficient operation of websites. A combination of stable technology, attractive pricing and flexible support and services has enabled 3CLOUDS Online to continuously strengthen its market position both nationally and internationally.

3CLOUDS Global Availability

See How We Provide Best Quality Servers at Locations in Key Regions Around the World.

5 Regions, 8 Locations, Global Availability

More Locations Near You

We believe that high-quality VPS should be available to everyone regardless of where they are. Our global reach allows you to run workloads in locations that suit you at affordable price.


Starting with 4CPU, 8GB RAM, 200GB SSD. We serve Europe from 4 Data Centers scattered across Germany. To deploy your services there, select Europe (Germany) option while configuring your server. Click here to learn more 


Starting with 4CPU, 8GB RAM, 200GB SSD. We serve USA regions also. For Americas there are 3 Regions available. You can choose between US East (New York City), US West (Seattle) and US Central (St. Louis) Regions. Click here to learn more.


Starting with 4CPU, 8GB RAM, 200GB SSD. Our Customers in Asia-Pacific region can take advantage from our Data Center in Singapore. To do so, pick Asia (Singapore) in product configurator. Click here to learn more about Asia region.

What Makes Our Data Centers Reliable?

Power Supply

Uninterrupted power supply is key to keep your server up and running. That is why, in 3CLOUDS we've been investing in our own transformer stations, N+1 UPS and even diesel power generators.

Internet Connection

Server is only useful when it's reachable from the internet. To ensure that this is always the case we always install at least 2 independent fiber connections at each Data Center and we work with multiple carriers.


Servers generate enormous amount of heat. Without constant cooling they would overheat momentarily. That why, our Data Centers are equipped with redundant (N+1) chillers and climate cabinets.

Physical Security

Server security starts with physical security of the Data Center. Each Data Center is equipped with CCTV and physical access control. This way we can prevent unauthorized access to any server.

Energy Efficiency

In our fight for the best price for you we don't forget about the environment. Wherever possible we use modern technologies such as Free Cooling or Groundwater Cooling.

People On The Ground

Somebody needs to keep an eye on all these servers, so 3clouds make sure there are people on the ground in each Data Center 24x7, 365 days a year including weekends and holidays.

Data Center Photos

See for Yourself How Standarized our Data Centers are across all Regions

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