Login to cPanel – cPanel Tutorial

Login to cPanel has various methods. As a tutorial you’ll know all the methods of cPanel login.

Method-1 Using Dashboard

Step-1: Visit Our Website www.24x7cloudhost.com

Step-2: Log in using with your email address and password

Step-3: After Login, you can see welcome message. Below the welcome message, you can see your product details.

cpanel turotial

Step-4: Click on SERVICES. On next page, your hosting services will open.

cpanel tutorial

Step-5: Click on your hosting service. You will go to next page.

cpanel tutorial

Step-6: Now at the left side you can see the option Login to cPanel. When you click, it automatically redirect you on the control panel.


Method-2 Using Port

cPanel uses an unique port. With SSL the port is 2083 and without SSL the port is 2082

Now type your web address like this:

https://yourdomain.com:2083  [SSL]

htttp://yourdomain.com:2082 [without SSL]


Method-3 Using IP Address and Port

You can easily log in through your server IP Address.

Type on your browser address bar and it will open the cPanel login page.

Method-4 Using Redirection

Every domain has automatic redirection setup for cPanel. You can easily login through your domain to cPanel. Just type:


It will redirect you to cPanel Login page.

Your cPanel login page look like below:

login to cpanel

Use your username and password to log in to your Control Panel.

If you don’t know your cPanel login ID and Password, you can submit a ticket to get it. Your cPanel login details may be different from your dashboard login details. This is an automatic system. When you Sign up for web hosting through our system, the system automatically create random username and password for every user.

Thus the cPanel password is very sensitive so it is better you must log in through your dashboard.