Unlimited Hosting for fare use. As you are aware that, you cannot buy a disk with unlimited space from anywhere. But we are committed to provide you unlimited. We do not setup any limitations on your account but we are requested to use the resources fairly.

We provide unlimited Space, Unlimited Emails, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited Subdomains etc. Yes, we provide unlimited everything, but you should maintain our Terms of Service.

Unlimited Hosting Space:

  • You cannot use your space as a backup space. As a shared hosting customer, you are not able to keep your backup in your space. You must download your backup using FTP. However, with cPanel packages you have our daily backup system for free of cost.
  • We strongly avoid video and file hosting services. You cannot use your shared hosting space as a file or video hosting. If you need so, you must use embedded video through YouTube or your can use Google Drive for file service.
  • Your 85% files must be shown to your website.

Unlimited Hosting Emails:

  • We provide unlimited email service, but limited to 100 emails per hour. It’s mean you cannot send more that 100 emails per hour.
  • Sending a large size of files through email is still prohibited.
  • Keeping large files through email is still prohibited.

Unlimited Hosting Bandwidth:

  • We provide unlimited bandwidth to everyone. Actually it is depend on many cases. Some of our clients have more that 1,00,000 visitors per month and their websites are running well, other hand some of our clients got 40,000 visitors per month and having problem with resource. It depends on many factors: like how many scripts you running, or your page size or multimedia using etc. If you keep your website simple and use less scripts at same time then it is okay. But if you running more scripts at same time then it will cause problem of bandwidth. Actually a shared hosting is okay with small and medium size websites. If you receiving more visitors you should move to a VPS Hosting for better performance!

Unlimited Hosting Websites:

  • We don’t limit your account to running websites. You can use unlimited websites. But as a shared cloud hosting there is a limit. As our goodwill we never forced you to stop using websites but if you think you need to run a lot of websites under a same account then please move to a VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server.

Unlimited Hosting Databases:

  • You can use unlimited numbers of database if you want. But there is many databases which is not using, or you create for just a test. In this cases it would be better if you delete those unused databases from your account. This will improve your performance and our server performance also.

Unlimited Hosting Sub-domains:

  • We don’t limit your sub-domain. But we are not providing multi-site, which you intend to create unlimited sub-domains. Use sub-domains when you really need. We don’t limit this resource.

Use the unlimited service but please remember, this is a shared hosting and there is no hard drive available with unlimited spaces. So if you use it as per our TOS then you can use true unlimited hosting.

We have noticed that only less than 2% of our users use excessive resources. So don’t worry about that.

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