Start a Blog becomes easier today. Mainly the whole process depends on some simple steps. Here we learn about How to create a Blog or Website.

If you want to create a blog, you have to know,

Why you should start a Blog?

There are various reasons to start a blog. We are listing a short of this:

  • Just to present yourself to the world. Do you have something to say? Do you want to show something to the world? Would you like to share your story or experiences to the world? Start a Blog now!
  • It will helps you to meet new people like you. People who come to read your thoughts or blogs they are probably similar minded to you.
  • It helps you to make some money. Yes, it is true! If you blog, it pays you back. However, to make money with Blog is need a hard work. To enter this world you need very little efforts. Therefore, there is nothing to lose.
  • It helps you to be an author. Many bloggers become a successful author through blogs.
  • Expand your business. A Blog helps to make you a successful businessperson with a little costs. You can write about your products to increase sells.
  • Just love to write. If you write stories or poems or like to encourage people with your thoughts just do it. A Blog is the greatest place to do that.

The 6 Basic Steps to start a Blog

  1. Decide what to blog about
  2. Pick up a domain
  3. Find good hosting
  4. Install wordpress
  5. Design Your Blog
  6. Start Blogging

Step-1: Decide What to Blog About

There is hundreds types of Blogs over the web. People love blogging in different ways. To decide your blog topics you should focus on your hobbies.

  • Are you a Tech Geek? So start a Tech Blog. Help peoples to know various types of technologies you use. You can reviews various types of products also.
  • Do you like to travel? So start a Travel Blog. People who like to travel will love travel blogs. Tell your stories of travelling.
  • Are you a Doctor? So start a Blog about Health. Help people to find health tips through your blog. It will make you more famous professionally.
  • Are you a writer or you like to write stories or poems? So start a blog about your writings. Thousands of people will love literature. They will read your blog.
  • Okay, you cannot write but you love to read books or novels. So start a Blog today about your thoughts of some books. Write a review of books you read. Many people love to read reviews before they buy.
  • Are you a beauty and fashion expert? Start a fashion blog. Everyday a large number of people love to read fashion blog. It will make you famous personally and professionally.
  • Are you a teacher? It is time to start a tutorial blog. Thousands of students like to search their problems on web. So start a tutorial blog to help them.
  • Are you an engineer? Start a blog about your engineering trade. Elaborate problems of engineering you faced.
  • Do you love cooking? Therefore, it is a great time to start food blog. You will see thousands of people love to read your blog.
  • Do you have business or product? Start a blog about your business and products. Speared the words, reach more people and make more revenue.
  • Unless all, you have a great family and they are stay various place. You may not connected always with them. So start a blog about your family. Invite them to write their experiences of life, photos. Share your difficulties. This will helps you to create a strong bond between your family members!

There are many different types of blogs you can start. Ask yourself what is your hobby? Go with that.

Step-2: Pick up a Domain

Choosing a domain name is very important. You must think what about your blog then choose appropriate word for your domain name. Try to put your main keyword in your domain name. Mean If you want to start a tech blog then try to use “tech” in your domain name. Here is some handy guides to choosing a domain name.

How to choose a domain name?

Choosing an appropriate domain name is so important.

  • Your domain name should be minimum characters. Long domain or address people cannot remember!
  • Your domain name should be match your blog topics.
  • Although this is not recommended. You can use your name also. Your name is enough for this.
  • You can use numbers in your blog address. That will not affecting your blog rank. But the number should be well placed.
  • Understand the extension. Which one is good for you? .com or .in or .org? .com is commercial purpose, it target world wide people. It is very hard to find relevant keyword name with .com extension. .org is for organization, .net is for network, .info is for information. However, you can choose any one of them if you targeting worldwide audience. If your targeting people is India, then choose .in domain.
  • If you cannot find the name you want, just go with your name.

Step-3: Find a Good Hosting

When you search in the web, you will find thousands of webhosting companies. They have several of terms and prices. However, which one is the best for you?

How to find a good Hosting Provider?

  • They have a good support team. Because support is the most important thing when you facing problem about your website.
  • They provide good uptimes. 99.9% uptime is required but it would be better if someone provide 99.99% uptime. Mean your website is always up.
  • They do not hide you about the products.
  • They will provide almost everything you need. Mean if you need web design or SSL for your website, they have that ability to provide you.
  • They must have capacity to provide service when your website grows.
  • They have a backup system. Many web hosting charge for backups.
  • They must use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) over their website. Mean they must use https:// instead of http://. Because https:// is, secure. Your data will encrypted on the server and no one can hack or read your sensitive data (password, email etc.)
  • They have online billing process.
  • They do not force you to enter your credit card details and they must have monthly billing system or refund system.

Here we stand. We provide unbeatable features and excellent support to our customers.

What you get with 3CLOUDS hosting?

SSL + Web Hosting = ₹60/month! 

So let us start. Create your blog together!

No-1. Go to 3CLOUDS.


Click on “plans & pricing”.

Select a Package. If you want to host 1 website then go with Web Start Package. If you want to host more than 1 websites then Web Plus/Web Pro Package is perfect for you!

No-4. Choose a Domain or register a domain

start a blog

The Premium Package comes with one year free .in domain and Enterprise Package comes with lifetime free domain!

No-5. Select Duration.

start a blog

We don’t believe in contract. You are free to choose either monthly or yearly payments. If you choose monthly you don’t get any free domain or offer price. Because domain is registered for a year, not monthly basis.

No-6. Enter your Details.

start a blog

Your website should registered with your valid name and address. Please provide your valid details. Check the Terms of Service and click to continue.

No-7. Proceed to payment

start a blog

No-8. Payment

start a blog

No-9. Login to cPanel.

You can login to cpanel using your website. Just type and you will redirect to your cpanel login page. Enter the password and username which you get through email. If you didn’t get email please contact us.

Or you can login through your dashboard. Login to your dashboard, first go to 3CLOUDS home page. Then click Login from top right corner. After Login you can see page like this.

start a blog

Click Services.

start a blog

Click your Product.

start a blog

Click Login to cPanel.

Step-4: Install WordPress

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is most popular blogging platform in the world. Almost 60% bloggers use wordpress for their blog.

  • WordPress is simple and easy to understand.
  • You can customize your blog easily.
  • Thousands of free and premium themes available.
  • Thousands of free and premium plugins available.
  • Has a strong support forum.
  • Awesome admin panel. You can create posts, pages easily.

Now we are going to install wordpress for your blog. Check the process.

1. Go to cPanel.

start a blog

Type “Apps” on top search bar.

Now you can see WordPress. Click that.

2. Click install Now.

3. Now Next page you see the installation options.

First- Choose Protocol: Select http:// if you don’t install SSL. If you installed SSL then select https://.

Second- Choose Domain: Choose a domain where you want to install wordpress.

Third- In Directory: make it empty. Default is “wp”, delete it and make it null or empty.

Fourth- Site Name: Type your Blog name.

Fifth- Site Description: Write few word to describe your Blogs.

Sixth- Multisite: Don’t check it. Leave it unchecked.

Seventh- Admin Username, password and email address: Type a strong password and username. This is you need to login to wordpress dashboard.

Final Step: leave all the settings as it is. Now click install from below.

Wait a Moment. You see a success message. Now go to your wordpress dashboard. Your dashboard link look like this-

Enter your username/email and password which you entered at the time of install and login.

You are Done! Next step we learn how to write a post in wordpress.