Cloud Hosting makes applications and websites accessible using cloud resources. Unlike traditional hosting, solutions are not deployed on a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting:

1. The company provides services of hosting may be available to hundreds of servers grouped together. The project, located on such hosting, has access to all the servers provider. Thus, due to the numerous, completely solved the problem of accessibility informatsii.Pri failure of one or more of the available servers will not affect the operation of the whole system.

2. For many simpler tariffs and load control. Came the end of the days when you had to knock on the technical support team for what would have to change the width of the channel, or extra time (CPU), etc. Customized services in the cloud hosting will automatically control up or down to the use of resources allocated to the requirements of the site at the moment.

3. Productivity increase. In hosting providers are now no restrictions on the use of individual servers, which may be disabled. For a variety of interchangeable servers appeared technology provides virtual access.

4. Given the current opportunity to use the resources, the actual customer is not required in advance to puzzle about the possible volumes of their consumption.

5. Users pay only for the actual cost to use cloud hosting resources. This is very similar to payment for water and electricity, the cost is determined by the volume of consumption, in the same way, and cloud hosting, but other resources.

The difference between virtual hosting and cloud hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting – Web Hosting is provided by a network of servers connected to each other. In other words we can say that the cloud hosting, also called clustered hosting. A certain amount of consolidated servers is called a cloud, and in a cluster hotinge cluster. Resources are available in the cloud (disk space, RAM, disk space, etc.) Is at the disposal of users and has a single unit.

  1. Virtual (SHARED) hosting and cloud (Kloud) has representatives hosting cheap hosting. The difference is that virtual hosting uses the resources of a single server, it is also much cheaper than the cloud, but cloud hosting reliability above. In turn, the “Cloud Hosting” gives the power a group of servers (the cloud).
  2. Also, cloud hosting enables customers to use more technology, web-based tools, data format, because his work is mainly formed hundreds of servers, compared with SHARED hosting.
  3. Traffic management in these different types of hosting. When using shared hosting common communication channel is divided among all customers. And when using the cloud hosting is a cloud server provides the stability of traffic.

Match your goals, challenges, opportunities to choose between these two types of hosting. None of them will not replace each other, as both types are different solutions for different Internet projects.

How to start Cloud Hosting?

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